Monday, June 28, 2010

Preserve a moment of joy

Late this morning, as my husband was carrying groceries into the house, I was distracted by a robin in our front yard. The little ruby breasted fowl was walking, more like hopping along the sidewalk. I love to watch animals playing or just going about their business unafraid because they don’t know I’m there.

The unique behavior of the robin was that he was exactly following the edge of the sidewalk. He never stepped off on the grass even when he changed direction turning onto the walk toward the house from the one that passes by the house. I was enchanted by the way he would stop every few hops. I could see he was holding something in his beak. But, I couldn’t tell if it was a little bit of worm or possibly a beetle.

I eventually gave up the entertainment and helped my husband put groceries away and fix lunch. But, the joy of the moment wasn’t lost because I told the story to my husband as we put things away. He said, “hmmm”, in that way that lets me know he thought it was nice, but he was busy. Now, I’m sharing the experience with you so I can preserve a moment of joy.

Glenda K. Fralin

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