Sunday, December 05, 2010


The stupidist commercials I've seen on TV lately are too many to name. There was one that gave me a huge pain because I wanted to figure out what that woman was saying. The commerical I'm speaking of is about a low fat soup. A middle aged woman stands beside the soup section, in her wedding gown, speaking into a soup can. She is talking to the a cook at the manufacturer thanking them for her beautiful new/old figure.

This is the part that was bugging me.

Who knows what the last words that bride in the super market says to the lady on the phone says? That was driving me crazy and the only reason I bothered to watch the commercial repeatedly. Smart or dumb on the part of the company, I don't know.

After much watching I finally figured it out.

"I fit in it." That is what the middle aged woman, standing in a wedding dress, in the middle of a grocery store says.

"I fit in it." The phrase is so poorly enunciated it sounds like a foreign language. "I fit in it."

Now, I no longer have a need to watch that commercial. "I fit in it."