Sunday, December 05, 2010


The stupidist commercials I've seen on TV lately are too many to name. There was one that gave me a huge pain because I wanted to figure out what that woman was saying. The commerical I'm speaking of is about a low fat soup. A middle aged woman stands beside the soup section, in her wedding gown, speaking into a soup can. She is talking to the a cook at the manufacturer thanking them for her beautiful new/old figure.

This is the part that was bugging me.

Who knows what the last words that bride in the super market says to the lady on the phone says? That was driving me crazy and the only reason I bothered to watch the commercial repeatedly. Smart or dumb on the part of the company, I don't know.

After much watching I finally figured it out.

"I fit in it." That is what the middle aged woman, standing in a wedding dress, in the middle of a grocery store says.

"I fit in it." The phrase is so poorly enunciated it sounds like a foreign language. "I fit in it."

Now, I no longer have a need to watch that commercial. "I fit in it."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Care

I Care


I will not smudge coal dust
around your blue mind,
Your cotton-candy heart
will not shrivel with lemon-crush.


I will fill you with pink luster,
place yellow sunshine
on your back, and sprinkle rain
over your barren land.
Your meadows will grow green
and bloom with rainbows.


Word Springs: Slime

Word Springs: Slime



I fell into the brown slime
a deep hole – not Wonderland
putrid, acidic self-doubt
slippery as a moss-covered hill.

I grabbed for your strong arms.
We tumbled like Jack and Jill.
You picked me up,
carried me home
and bathed my pride.


A damp towel awaits
for you my love.
Let me taste your tears,
hold you inside my heart
where blood swirls
with pure life.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Preserve a moment of joy

Late this morning, as my husband was carrying groceries into the house, I was distracted by a robin in our front yard. The little ruby breasted fowl was walking, more like hopping along the sidewalk. I love to watch animals playing or just going about their business unafraid because they don’t know I’m there.

The unique behavior of the robin was that he was exactly following the edge of the sidewalk. He never stepped off on the grass even when he changed direction turning onto the walk toward the house from the one that passes by the house. I was enchanted by the way he would stop every few hops. I could see he was holding something in his beak. But, I couldn’t tell if it was a little bit of worm or possibly a beetle.

I eventually gave up the entertainment and helped my husband put groceries away and fix lunch. But, the joy of the moment wasn’t lost because I told the story to my husband as we put things away. He said, “hmmm”, in that way that lets me know he thought it was nice, but he was busy. Now, I’m sharing the experience with you so I can preserve a moment of joy.

Glenda K. Fralin

Friday, June 25, 2010


My dear friends.

I have been away once again. I'm still working on my stories and poems. I've mostly been revising a book length story. I haven't set aside a regular schedule for coming to my blog to keep in touch with you. I need to do that. In the mean time, I will leave you with a brief overview of the book I'm writing.

What is currently called The Search follows a young woman through midlife. She has a lot of adventures and unfortunate sorrows along the way. She is a young anthropologist who lost her husband, an archaeologist, as they searched for an important piece of the puzzle of Christ's journey into Egypt with Mary and Joseph. She is severely injured and returns home to recover. She faces other triumphs and trials and a possible new love. Then a new mystery presents itself and she must return to Egypt.

There will be a Part 2 or possibly Book 2 to this story. We shall see and I'll leave you with that.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Dear Friends,
As per the comment below, I believe I have removed the comments that didn't look to have anything to do with the post. I thank you for your faithfulness and patience. I praise God for all who come to my blog to read and I still love the comments.

I think the major problem with this was my own lack of dilligence. Some people found a place to have conversations and then others found they could insert their own little mini commercial. LOL It happens.

God bless you all, and I hope those who did spam my site also read a bit. If I deleted your comment in error, please let me know.


It seems my blog is being spammed. Anonymous can be anybody, and more than one. I hope you will bear with me as I go through these multiple comments (I love comments) that have nothing whatsoever to so with my work here. It's a lot of clutter and so I'm affraid that I will need to change my comments requirements until I find a better way to keep this from happening. I'm sure that it is something I need to change in my set up.

Thank you for your patience.