Monday, April 23, 2007

Old Timer's Disease - Reading

Oldtimer's Disease

Old-timers Disease

I peeled the taters in the tub

Put them in the bowl to boil

Placed the pot roast in the hamper

And covered it all with voile

Then I went to the sitting room

To take my morning shower

Beneath a sprinkler hose that stretched

From the spigot near the flowers

Forgot to draw the curtain

Gave the neighborhood a fright

Saw pretty red and yellow lights

And men clad in crispy white

I ran into the kitchen where

I dressed up in my salad.

The lettuce was scant but tastefully worn

With some spinach and herbs for balance.

They swaddled me in a sheet of sorts

Led me to the their pretty striped van

Then off we flew to a weird sort of zoo

And I think that’s where I met you