Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I come here today from out of some weird recess of my brain. I hope to find some uninsanity. Oh, I know you think I used it wrong. I should say lack of insanity, or something to that affect. The truth is, I believe, uninsanity is that for which I grasp. Deinsanitize could be a better word. We are inundated with delusions and fantasy, misjudgments, and instability that we thrust upon ourselves through television, news reports (if you can call them news), and perpetual political mind games.

The only place where I find the precious uninsanity I seek, is a closet in my brain where I shut myself away in prayer, and meditation. Some say that is the definition of insanity and escapism. Oh what they miss. If my little brain closet is where I am most insane, it’s the best escape I know from the insanity we pour over our heads every day.