Thursday, August 11, 2011


*NewContest for Lunis Flower:

Dear readers,

We are hosting a contest for amateur artists to submit their vision of the Lunis Flower. Since the Lunis Flower is a large part of the mystery in the story, it is only fitting to give it the distinction of being a character rather than a prop.

My book The Search: Lunis Flower of Hidden has been out for a few weeks now. For those of you who have not read it yet, I will list places where you can purchase it, or check it out, below this announcement.

The contest is as follows:

1. Entry must be an image of the entrant’s own making. It must not be a photograph or an image from the internet. The only true way to portray an image of the Lunis Flower is to read the book as there is no Lunis Flower to photograph. (We will accept photographs of images of your version, as certain kinds of art are difficult to scan for upload.)

2. Entrants must send entries via email to an address for upload to a site available to all involved.

3. No staff member of or of will be awarded any prize.

4. No family members of the author or other judges or their extended families will be awarded prizes for entries.
5. No judge of the contest is eligible to enter.

6. Anyone not able to receive an award or win may still send an entry to be displayed on the web page.

The criteria for judging will be as follows.

1. 20% for demonstration of artist’s attention to image.

2. 50% interpretation of the elements of the Lunis Flower as described in the book The Search: Lunis Flower of Hidden.

3. 30% demonstration of characteristics (i.e. Emotional impact on reader) by the Lunis Flower. A short explanation from the artist of their vision will help us understand and appreciate your interpretation.

4. Entries must be emailed by: November 15, 2011 to

First Place = $25

Second Place = $10

Third Place = $5

The Search: Lunis Flower of Hidden is available in print and ePub format at:

Amazon Kindle:

Available at Wymore Public Library, Tecumseh Public Library and Peru State College Library

E-mail all entries to

I will try to post entries as they come in. The order of the portrayal will not reflect status in the contest until after the contest is complete.

Have fun reading, and good luck with the contest.

All entrants must be of amateur status meaning they have not been paid professionally for their art. If you do not have a scanner and need to use one, you will need to search your library or other’s who may help you with that task.

Photographs of the artist’s entry will be accepted. Please make a note of the fact that it is indeed a photograph of your work.

Name of artist should not be attached to the work, but must be included in the body of the email along with mailing address.

For your own sake, back up your work and keep a the original for your own records and display.

Thank You reader,
GK Fralin