Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 15, 2011 Newsletter

G. K. Fralin Short Read


Dear Friends,

I am so happy to be at a level with marketing that I have worked out a plan. Thus, the business end of my writing is keeping me busy, but not so much that I can’t spend much more time writing.

Who Be Charlie B is a long awaited project that I’m now devoting a large block of my writing efforts to. It’s been years of researching the life of a man who once lived in our home here in Wymore. His story is fascinating. As I work through the writing, I’ll give you little blurbs of the upcoming book. The working title is just that, a working title. It may end up being the final title, but we are a bit away from that decision.

I am also working on a premise for another Christian fantasy.

I’m happy to announce that the cover for The Search: Lunis Flower of Hidden is now fixed and for sale at A full length review of the story may be found at Thank you Kristopher for your wonderful comments. I posted an excerpt of the review with my book at

We set up a display and handed out free first chapters during Sam Wymore Days at the Community Center. All copies of the chapter were gone before 1 ½ hours passed. I was thankful to have plenty of cards, copies of Kristopher’s review, and a copy of the print version. Many people were curious about the book including the school librarian. She may not be able to buy it for the school, but she loves to read and I hope she will enjoy it.

Right now, there is a news story about the families affected by the spring tornados. My prayers go out to all of them and other’s who have been affecting by the flooding. If you have family or friends in the area, they are included in my prayers with all others. Add your own to mine and you can add the names. Hey, it works. God knows what’s going on.

I leave you with a short excerpt from The Search: Lunis Flower of Hidden:

From Chapter 4: Things:

Catch’s tone changed quickly from a disturbing; almost whisper to an easily audible instructor. “As to your question, this room is like a museum of previous guests. They all come in with things they think they can’t do without and they all leave them behind when they go, just as you will.”

“Catch, you and Tailor are beginning to scare me. What have I walked into here?”

“It’s just a place, Sheridan, nothing here for you to concern yourself about.”

Sheridan shrugged and walked around the room looking at tables full of electronics that could tell a story of the history and progression of technology. From the end of a table set a small abacus and, other tables full of watches, laptops, PDA’s, and all sorts of paraphernalia.

A cabinet held items that had probably been very dear to the previous owners. She saw small teacups and saucers hand painted with family crests, antique bronzes, gold encrusted statuettes and busts likely of some family’s member. Some of the items that set around the floor of the room were so large that Sheridan questioned how people managed to carry them into the town including: a marble statue of Grecian design, an old Hollywood camera standing like a monolith of the age, even the tables, bureaus and display cabinets were left behind by one visitor or another.

“Very funny Catch, truthfully, where did you get all this stuff? There are some valuable and ancient items here. Nobody is going to carry a giant Chinese urn around with them. Does one of those books of yours teach you how to steal riches of the world?” Sheridan laughed.

“Sheridan, I can’t answer your questions. I didn’t lie to you. I can’t explain people’s behavior. Some people carry so much on their backs just trying to protect things like this. Then when they leave, they leave it all behind.”

“So you are into some kind of acquisitions?”

“In a fashion, I suppose you could say that. This is a lot of stuff here. I wish I could get rid of it, but it seems to have its purpose because Shepherd won’t allow me to dispose of any of it. He says it serves to tell a story to those who enter here about the lack of importance of the items they carry. None of those who visit this room gets the idea until they go on their way to the next stop.”

“Next stop, what do you mean, next stop?”

“Sheridan, I am an old man. I say things wrong sometimes. I guess I should have said when you leave here.”

Catch was old but Sheridan had the feeling he definitely said what he meant. “Ah,” was all she said, nodding her head. She’d heard Shepherd mentioned before, and remembered the Shepherd’s Closet in the front hall.

Bless all,
G. K. Fralin