Sunday, November 25, 2007

Green Magic

Green Magic

Green dreadlocks, like ropes
of fairy lights, splay
protection from falling
into the dark void.
A magic of half learned
incantations voice
attempts to thwart
cannibalistic legions
like a fortress of spikes.

No wizard or warlock
shall bewitch this hour
from the stalk that rises
out the depths of evil,
unseen under a facade
of carbon, burned,
dehydrated potions.

Bring on the dance
of children in masks,
the youth that spawn
innocence in a fairies’ realm
with green herbalist
maypole for small
hands to grasp - heart cords.

The above poem bears a moderate explanation. I wrote it from an image of the horsetail plant which was used in ancient Roman and Greece for medicinal purposes. There is still a lot of research about it today, but as this was written in October, I chose a somewhat different appeal for the herbs history.