Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Print version of The Monster's Dinner

The Monster’s Dinner

All monsters and ghouls
had RSVP’d they would
all be to dinner
on All Hallows Eve.
In formal attire they would
attend this affair. The ghosts
in fresh linens of ghastly repair,
the goblins with grandiose garb
would appear and vampires
in new tatters and tales
topped off the list of regales .
The children excited to meet
their new friends, in the old
haunted house at the end
of the bend. What fanciful
fun this fantastical night,
all would be honored with
harrowing fright.
So, the cobwebs were spun
the dust newly lain
Skeleton Catering served
spider egg salad with
bat wing entrees.
With appalling appetite
the blood pudding was slurped.
Then all jumped to their toes
for a dizzying twirl
of the wing-a-ding whirl.
The monsters and ghouls
voted to add their young hosts
to their hideous guild
of gruesome goblins and ghosts.
The children now live
in the old haunted house
at the end of the bend,
prefer tricks with their treats
and their ghastly new friends.

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