Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pink April

Pink April

Today I’ll buy a pink brassiere
wear under sheer white top.
Not any day would be so brash
to celebrate my breasts.
But now as April proves
my cup can yet be full.
I’ve need for outward sign
of what the doctor’s left.

Today I’ll buy pink ribbons
to turn about in bows
and join them pinned
as million others will
to celebrate woman’s gift.
The sweet milk suckled
from our nipples
by tender newborn mouth
cleave two mounds of flesh
for proud bellies filled

Today I’ll touch unashamed
the curve upon my chest.
What God endowed be as it is
no need to hide from me.
If it be gone to save my life
in time, as time unfolds,
I’ll have memory of
the soft bare flesh
of my womanhood.

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corny said...


This is a wonderful read.
Thoroughly enjoyed it...
capturing so much of womanhood.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenda

brassiere I think, a brazier would be a little hot, even for you.

in appreciation, pp

Glenda_Fralin said...

Thanks corny, it is a trying time for a woman, and finding a way to express it in a positive way helped me. Mainly because I knew someone would read it and know I was out there like them.

Thanks Anonymous, I must have posted it on here before I changed the spelling. LOL