Sunday, November 25, 2007

Green Magic

Green Magic

Green dreadlocks, like ropes
of fairy lights, splay
protection from falling
into the dark void.
A magic of half learned
incantations voice
attempts to thwart
cannibalistic legions
like a fortress of spikes.

No wizard or warlock
shall bewitch this hour
from the stalk that rises
out the depths of evil,
unseen under a facade
of carbon, burned,
dehydrated potions.

Bring on the dance
of children in masks,
the youth that spawn
innocence in a fairies’ realm
with green herbalist
maypole for small
hands to grasp - heart cords.

The above poem bears a moderate explanation. I wrote it from an image of the horsetail plant which was used in ancient Roman and Greece for medicinal purposes. There is still a lot of research about it today, but as this was written in October, I chose a somewhat different appeal for the herbs history.


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Anonymous said...


I am visiting your blog at your request on the Literary Mary website (in your signature). After browsing your blog I thought I might ask you your thoughts on something, since you seem to have family and church at the center of your life. How would you feel if you had a daughter publish what I wrote on Literary Mary - in the erotic forum? I just posted it today. It is not the only thing I write, but I fear the love scenes that I want to write in my novels and what my parents will think - even though I'm married with triplets and 37 years old! I don't want to disappoint them by where my imagination takes me. I'm alright with being published, just worried what about embarrassing them.

Enjoyed your poem, btw. I had an inkling it was about a plant, but not that one. Nice imagery and I love the fairy references.

Glenda_Fralin said...

First think I think you need to ask youself, anonymous, do you really want to take the graphic route in your novels. Erotic can be implied without being implicit. I think from what I have read from your posts both here and on the forum, is that you have some doubts about your own choices.

I wouldn't so much ask yourself if you would want your parents to read it and be disappointed. Ask yourself instead, Do I want Jesus to read this? He already has anyway, but what you portray of yourself to the world is a part of your witness. This is just food for thought. If you are completely comfortable in your skin with writing explicit erotic love scenes, then by all means go ahead.

In answer to your question about family embarassment. Many authors use Pen Names. The agent and publisher know you by your own name and all your personal information required for payment and help you develop a way to present a character history for your Pseudo Personality.

I always thought that if I wrote anything that might be too painful for my family, I would use a Pen Name, and simply not let them know that it was me until they could accept my choices. At the very least I would not be embarassing them publically.

You may be surprized at their reaction. If you tell them ahead of time, they are likely to give you the lecture. However, they will likely be proud that you have developed your talent and chosen to publish it.

I hope this gives you some useful feedback.

If you read the Bible you will find that there is implied eroticism in many verses. Particularly I can name "The Song of Soloman", King David's life, and many others. The one difference from the Biblical accounts of these erotic acts and the explicit literature of today is that the erotic portions are either as a salute to a deep and enduring love between a man and woman, or they are a warning to stay away from sexual acts that are outside the specified limits of scripture.

Wow, that turned into a mini lecture. I hope it helps you.